Modular Software to Fit Your Agency’s Specific Needs

Welcome! You are about to learn about the many ways MACS Software for Reps can help you manage your sales agency. Soon, you’ll understand why MACS Software is the leading software for successful sales agencies.

During our years serving manufacturers’ representatives, we’ve learned that no two agencies are alike. For that reason, we offer many MACS Software capabilities in the form of optional modules. Our modular design results in a software system that fits your agency’s needs and budget.

Choose from these modules for a software system tailored to your agency. Modules may be added at any time. The following modules are available:

Sales & Commission Tracking

Sales and Commission Entry organizes invoice sales data–the central link in the flow of information. As invoices are received from manufacturers, sales information is entered into the system. Here are some of the benefits of these modules:

•Enter Sales data from invoices copies, commission statements or manufacturers’ sales summary reports.


•Daily entry of sales invoices eliminates the month-end rush.


•Provides for current sales analysis information.


•Commission Reconciliation, an optional module, provides the ability to match commissions received to previously entered invoices.


Order Tracking

The Order Tracking optional module monitors order information from entry to shipment and beyond.   The benefits of this module are:

•Orders can be entered, changed, updated, canceled, posted with shipment data, and printed.


•Up to 90 line items per order and 90 transactions per line item.


•Easily access orders by using customer name, purchase order number or manufacturer.


•Inquiry option allows a user to view the listings and status of all orders for a specific customer and all of the line items on a specific order, as well as history of all transactions for a particular line item.



This MACS module supports agencies that stock consigned or buy/sell inventory. This module provides:


•Order Entry


•Document Preparation


•Order Inquiry and Backorder Processing.


•Complete Inventory Control.


•Stock Replenishment Ordering.


•Inventory Value Reporting.



Billing Accounts Receivable

This MACS module supports agencies that invoice customers and collect payment. It allows the generation of invoices and statements and the reporting of delinquent accounts and credit histories.

•Invoices are generated automatically by the Warehouse Module when the Shipment Register is printed.


•The generated invoices may be changed, deleted or new invoices added.


•Credit, debit and adjustments can be made to a customer’s account at any time.


•Cash Receipts Processing records customer payments against outstanding invoices, memos and other items.


•Customer monthly statements can be printed.


•A variety of useful reports are available to help mange the agency’s accounts receivables.