At MACS Software, we offer an array of resources when you have questions or need help using our products. To better serve your technical support needs with MACS software, we have provided many resources on this website.We also offer MACS/care support program to provide you with premium support options. Many areas on this website are designed for use by MACS/care members only. If you are not a member of MACS/care support program, click on the Support Service links below to review the benefits of the program.

Technical Support

Need help with your MACS? MACS Software offers a variety of technical support options, based on an extensive repository of product and industry knowledge. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking the link on the left.

MACS/care members may click on the Downloads link on the left to download the latest software upgrades at no-charge. Users who are not a member of the MACS/care program may call 800-321-1788 to purchase the latest software upgrades.

MACS Software technical support bridges many of the gaps separating customer support from customer satisfaction. Our technical support team uses our products and industry expertise to ensure you receive valuable, quick assistance. We offer a variety of technical support options to suit your timeframe and budget. Regardless of the MACS product you use, or your organization’s size, we pride ourselves on providing support for each and every customer.

Technical Support Contact Information

Online Contact Form: Please use the form at the bottom of this page

Support E-mail:


MACS/care Enrollee

Phone: 866-633-6227 Ext 721
Fax:    508-281-7981
Support Hours: 8 a.m.- 6 p.m. EST, Monday–Thursday, 8a.m.-5p.m. Friday


Non-MACS/care Enrollee

Phone :  866-633-6227 Ext 721
Fax:       508-281-7981

To enroll in the MACS/care support program, call 800-321-1788 ext 720.
If you have questions or comments regarding our technical support services, contact us at or use the form below:


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